Energized Brand Messaging and High-Converting Copywriting for Women-Owned & BIPOC-Led Small Businesses

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Jemilla Mills-Smith


I’ve spent 3 years writing for and working on burgeoning brand launches all the way to multinational campaigns. I’ve learned and levelled up from this, but what really lights my fire is writing for women-owned and BIPOC-led brands. Energizing them to go big with their bold ideas, and writing the words that help them improve and change their offer.

You have an offer that could change 👏🏾 the 👏🏾game and really help your dream clients with what they’ve been struggling with. But:

  • Honing in on your big idea is hard — especially when you’re a one-woman show, or a small team working on the go.
  • Outsourcing a copywriter that you can trust can be difficult

Whoever you trust with your messaging has to know what they’re doing, write in a way that sounds like you, and be someone you can trust and vibe with.

scattered ideas don't stand a chance here 


It’s all about value ‘round these parts! With high-converting copy fuelled by reliable research, driven by sales storytelling, and elevated with a fresh writing style, your copy is in good hands. You’ll know what to say and how to say it to the people you want to say it to — and I’ll do it all for you.

client love

jemilla is worth every penny

inspiration injected into my veins



“100% worth the investment. Your brand language research and presentation was so thorough and provided me assets that I never even thought of asking for (like the brand manifesto) that I will use for years to come to market my brand agency. The value of that alone is probably worth your entire fee. I'm confident I can make back the investment in one project within 6 months of launching.”

“I chose Storytella because it was a Black woman that was going to know how to speak to my audience, in a voice that they're use to, without making it cringy and weird. Jemilla's copy sold me, and I'm a seller, so I knew she could create content that would help us better convert folks on our site. She did the work we needed in such a timely manner and kept us abreast, the entire time. The money was worth it because this process was so simple and easy and I really just got to sit back and be wow'd.”

The market research master pack

If your content isn't getting you the leads you want, your copy isn't converting enough for you, you're not selling enough of your products or services, or you just want to know what's the next best move, this Notion-based mini-course and suite of templates will show you how to find the answers.

Because even billion-dollar brands can't skimp on market research. But now, you can learn how to do it confidently, in less than 3 hours!

find answers to the problems plaguing your pocketbook

Want to connect & convert new subscribers?

Whether you have a freebie, a resource, or just want to start email marketing, you need a welcome sequence. But that's easier said than done, huh?

That's why I created an easy-to-use 8-Email Welcome Sequence Template that helps you spark subsciber loyalty and prime them to buy from you — in half the time, at a fraction of the cost.

get answers that get results

Whether your social media accounts aren't getting the attention you were hoping for, you're not attracting the right people, or aren't selling enough of your offers, there's really only one place to start. Do your research.

Asking the right questions will help you find the answers to what needs fixing. That's why I put together a resource of 92 consumer research questions I go to before writing a single word of copy for myself or my clients. Now, you can use them to help improve & optimize your messaging, offers, and content.